San Antonio Finish Line

San Antonio Finish Line
Jeremy, Jen and I rocked it!

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Status Updates

Hello Readers!

It has been a while since my last post as I have been extremely busy here the last couple weeks between travelling for fun and getting in my running. A couple weeks ago I mentioned a run I was competing in the Patriots Run. I actually competed in this run last weekend and hit my target amount of 18 miles. Everyone will be pleased to know I completed this faster than expected. I recorded a time of 3:23:01 which was a very good clip for me. This was one of those days I have mentioned where everything felt very good. I was done with my first three miles in 28:30, my first 6 miles in 59:00 and my half marathon in 2:14:30 all which are personal bests for me. This race is extremely inspiring which might have been what caused me to hit these personal records, or it may just be that my training has me more prepared than ever.

I need to post some new pictures soon as this running is showing up in how I look. I had a few things happen last week that shocked me and let me know the effort is paying off. My friend and follower Josh was in from Orlando, I met him and his family for a Royals game. Josh had my ticket and I was meeting them at the stadium, I showed up at the gate to pick up my ticket and he didn't recognize me. This was a great personal feeling, someone who knows me so well and had seen me as recently as two years ago wasn't able to recognize me. A second great moment was Jessica my sister in law bought me a size large Mizzou Dri Fit polo shirt for my graduation. I informed her that I don't wear a size large, she said have confidence. Jessica was right I wore the shirt to the Mizzou/Illinois game and it fit very nicely. This should let everyone stick with your regiment and the results will come!

I wanted to update people on a few more things, last week my training hit a 40 mile week. I mentioned the 18 on Saturday, I also completed 15 on that Monday and two four - five mile runs in the mid week. I also wanted to let everyone know who hadn't seen on Facebook I have purchased a house. I am in the process of finishing up on the financing and submitting my bids, but everything appears on pace to close on November 2nd. This will pain many of my friends and followers but I will be living in the state of Kansas. I didn't think I would ever say that in my lifetime, but when you like a specific house you make certain sacrifices. There is no worry as I will never become unfaithful or unloyal to my beloved Missouri. I will fly my Tiger flag with great pride. Until next week, Happy Exercising and continue to live life to its fullest!

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  1. I'm really proud of you, Ryan. Running for me is so freaking difficult.