San Antonio Finish Line

San Antonio Finish Line
Jeremy, Jen and I rocked it!

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Monday, June 21, 2010

Intensity is picking up in Summer Months

Hello Readers!

A couple weeks back I mentioned that I have decided to run my first marathon. I wanted to fill everyone in on some of the intense training I have begun. The real intensity will pick up in September and October as the runs will begin hitting the upper teens and then twenty mile marks, but I have started my own intense conditioning in preparation for this. Here is a look at the intene week put in last week.

Monday - 4 mile run followed by boot camp
Tuesday - 4 mile walk with Coco my dog and 4 mile walk with my friend Amie.
Wednesday - 4.5 mile run followed by spin class
Thursday - Off day I needed some rest
Friday - 1500 meter swim, and spin class in the morning.
Saturday - 4 mile walk with my friend Amie, 3 mile walk with Coco
Sunday - 5 mile walk with Coco, 3 mile run, Softball, 3 mile walk with Amie.

The time and mileage is starting to build, I am now getting prepared to make Saturday my long run day which will begin this week with a 7 mile jaunt and increase steadily. People probably look at this and think I am an idiot! There are times I feel this way too, but I refuse to let myself fail in my goals.

Right now I am in a full out cardio build phase, the results are showing as my pants are once again loose. I am having to keep my belt tightened to keep some of my shorts on which is an excellent feeling. As the weather gets hotter and the miles get longer I expect to see a great improvement in my conditioning and the continual improvement of the overall appearance of my body. Single women who follow this watch out! I am gaining more and more confidence each day. I am following my slogan of "Life is short, Live it Hard". My attitude on life is get the most out of everyday and I make sure that this is fulfilled. On a personal note I am very excited to say the next time the blog is published I will have completed my Masters Program at BU. This is my final this week and my final paper, the past two years have been busy and difficult, but I have learned a great deal and look forward to applying this in life!

Monday, June 14, 2010

True Inspiration: Relay for Life

Hello Readers!

Today I wanted to touch on Relay for Life again. Friday night was the actual Relay for Life. This is one of the most inspirational events that someone can take place in, I would recommend to everyone that at some point in their lifetimes they walk a night on a team. My experience started with Kristen Luder taking me as the new member of their team to the Survivors dinner, she shared with me the experience she had with dealing with cancer, everything she mentioned makes me understand what a fighter she is and everyone else who battles cancer. At the dinner there were probably 200 other survivors at least each with an inspirtational story to share.

The second phase of the evening was the opening ceremony where you see the survivors walk the first lap of the relay, the second lap is then the caregivers (parents, spouses, siblings) walking with their survivor. At this moment there are no dry eyes in the house, the emotion you experience will be overwhelming. Then begins the long walk for everyone. The goal is to have at least one team member on the track at all times. For me being into fitness I was on the track quite a bit probably walking around eight miles total. In this time I was speaking to various survivors and learning about their fights, I spoke with people whos loved ones lost the battle as well the stories they provide made the entire evening worthwhile.

The last bit of inspiration on this night was seeing the amount of people who participate and the amount of money they donate to the cause. Our event had several booths, each selling various items or raffling off various items. These booths are packed the entire night with people wanting to donate to everyone's team. There is also a silent auction which provided so many great items for people to bid on. I can promise anyone reading this, if you ever truly want to experience great emotion and you need a source of inspiration attend Relay for Life, you will understand what great people there are in this world.

Lastly I do want to thank both of my relay teams for the various great experiences, from the fundraising events in Columbia to the actual Relay night in Kansas City. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a great experience. I look forward to continuing to support this night and this organization. One last thanks goes out to all those who donated to my teams. Your money will help end this terrible disease at some point in our lifetimes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Decision!!

Hello Readers!

This week I came to a big decision on a new direction to take in my weight loss efforts. I know I had mentioned in the past that it was time for me to begin preparing for a half marathon. The half I had decided upon was San Antonio on November 14th. When talking to my brother JJ and his wife Jessica they are both planning on making the trip and running the full marathon. My good friend Jen just completed her first marathon in San Diego over the weekend, with all these people stepping up their game I have decided it is time for me to do the same. Running a full marathon has been a goal of mine since I first began running and completed my first half marathon. People know I am always looking for a challenge and this is the exact opportunity I have been looking for. Thank you to JJ, Jessica and Jen for making me realize this is something I can do and need to do.

Training for a full marathon will require a great deal of time, I will occasionally share how much running is involved in each week hopefully to inspire others to take on this great challenge. Time is something I will actually have more of, for me the past two years have been consumed by graduate school. I have been working on my Masters from Boston University. I will be officially finishing my last class on June 27th so this will provide me with extra time on the weekends to get in the long training runs associated with running a full marathon.

This big decision has me extremely excited!! I don't want my "Y" friends to worry, I will not be cutting out my classes as cross training is still required. I don't want all the people I hang out with on an normal basis to worry, this will not change my desire to still have fun. I will have to pick and choose my nights a little more, but I pledge to still be the same person you all know and have fun with. This opportunity should be what pushes me over my goal to finally be less than 200 pounds! Watch out world, when this man has a goal he will not stop until it is completed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Enjoy Life, but always make up for it!

Hello Readers!

This past weekend I experienced life to its fullest. This was the annual alumni float trip for me and my fraternity brothers. What a crazy weekend!! I got into Springfield on Friday afternoon and it was my friend Ryan Fraser's thirty fifth birthday so we had a keg to celebrate. After a ruckus night of partying with the group we got up and headed to the Niangua for a float. Let's just say this day got purely crazy. The float began with the crew hitting almost every sandbar where we partied like we were in college again. This included yours truly taking shots of Soco at everystop and joining a few SMS students in a shotgunning contest and beer bongs, with everything being topped off with some jello shots. This made the last sand bar an opportunity for yours truly to sleep off some of the fun had. The night continued with washers and some great carne asada tacos made by Ray Turner, kudos Ray! You may wonder what this has to do with a weight loss blog, here is how this ties in. Sometimes we still have to cut loose in order to stay fully motivated for our cause.

This week knowing that I splurged and went hog wild last weekend I have worked out with a new and excited vigor. I found myself hitting the gym at an earlier time and working with much more energy. I spent Tuesday by pounding my abs to try and flatten my still round stomach, then running 4 miles outside in the 92 degree heat. This was topped with 15 minutes in the sauna. Lets just say I was a struggling unit that night. Wednesday I got in early for some abs, followed by a two mile run, then my full spin class, topped with the 15 minute sauna experience. Yesterday brought no rest for the weary, I played some basketball, then my bosu weight lifting class, a sauna, topped with a doubles match of tennis with my brother JJ. This weekend I look to continue with a great workout plan with some walking, swimming, and hopefully more tennis.

In the summer months with the weather heating up in the Midwest it is important for us not to stop out workouts. The summer months offer us a great amount of temptations, I am not saying resit it as I believe life is short so live it hard! I would say to take opportunities to do activities which can be refreshing as well like swimming. I can tell everyone I am now down to rough 212 pounds, as I get ever closer to the elusive 200 pound barrier I will keep everyone informed. Everyone have a great week and I will return next week with my last relay for life update.