San Antonio Finish Line

San Antonio Finish Line
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Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vary your workouts to see best results

Hello Readers!

I thought this week I would change up my post a bit. I normally would go into great detail about the cardio workouts that I had performed for the week. Don't worry I continued with my serious cardio blast, but I have recently been reading studies and have talked with some people who have pointed out that I will see best results by varying my workouts. I have tried to take this to heart in many ways. I have been varying my cardio. I am a runner by nature but with several Tri's on my plate for this season I have really been working the swimming and biking. I did stretch out my longest run since the marathon and put in 9.5 miles in 89 minutes which was a really good pace. I owe this to being fresh and having bumped up other areas.

Two things have really been helping me see results. The first is that I have really stepped up my core training. Each day before I begin my workout I make sure to get in 250 crunches/sit ups and at least 50 push ups. This has really been great for building my core and building my strength. This also shows up in my running. By having a stronger core I run with better posture, and my technique is stronger. I am a firm believer this has had an impact on why my times continue to drop. The second thing which has been vital in my variation is I have made sure to add some weights to my training. I was afraid to add weights at first as I didn't want to gain weight but many studies show that it is extremely important to add weight training in a weight loss program as it builds muscle which burns fat. It also helps to increase your metabolism and increase your calorie burn throughout the day. On a side note this is important for me as with the extreme weight loss I have experienced I have a great deal of loose skin or flab as I like to call it. This helps me tone this flab up, and again helps with strength in my running causing improvement.

Lastly I wanted to follow up on last week where I mentioned I would be paying it forward, another opportunity opened up that I am really excited about. My friend, tennis captain, and realtor Bruce offered up an opportunity to be on the Heart of America tennis committee for marketing and public relations. Thanks Bruce I am looking forward to the opportunity to help another sport which means so much to me grow.

Hopefully everyone can take some of these tips and take their workouts and weight loss to the next level. Readers keep living life to the fullest!


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