San Antonio Finish Line

San Antonio Finish Line
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Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Handling Adversity Positively and Negatively

Hello Readers!

Adversity is something that comes at us all in life. I have learned through trials and tribulations there are positive and negative ways to handle adversity. Adversity plays a pivotal part in how we feel about ourselves and how we shape ourselves.

In my younger years in life adversity was a nightmare for me in my struggles with weight. I began my way to being overweight early in life, when I was seven I lost a parent which was my first real dealing with adversity. This instance would be tough on anyone, from an emotional standpoint it helped shape me into the person I am today. From a weight perspective this was the beginning of me being fat. I chose to handle this adversity by eating. I decided that instead of eating normal size portions that I would eat as an adult. This bad habit continued through my college years except that I added beer into the mix. If I struggled with a class, if I was rejected by ladies (which happened often) my best recourse was to drink heavily and eat a fourth meal at college favorites Taco Bell or Burger King. This trend continued until the moments mentioned in former posts of shear embarrassment. This is where self control took over.

More recently when adversity strikes I have learned to handle myself in a much better manner. This is something I want to put out there for those of you who are going through weight loss struggles of your own. Do NOT let adversity take you off course, it is something we will deal with more often than not in our lives. For me adversity is still not welcomed, but when it strikes it is much easier for me to deal with. I dealt with some severe adversity last week at work, without getting into details of the situation I will explain how I was able to deal with it in a positive manner, EXERCISE! Exercise is very important in dealing with adversity, it allows you to take your frustrations out on sports equipment whether that be a bike in spin class or a punching bag in a boxing class exercise is extremely therapeutic. Running or Biking allow one to think and assess the situation. For me I was able to look at what happened, ask myself questions about it and vent all of my hurt and anger in a positive manner. My spin and boot camp instructors mentioned how focused I was and how hard I worked, all it took was some serious adversity.

In an extremely positive note, I have been wearing my size 40 pants and feel very good. I have had about 25 people including my sister-in-law Jessica (which I should drop the in-law as she is truly a sister to me) mention how good I am looking. It is truly amazing what wearing clothes that fit does for a person and their confidence.

I am going to leave everyone with slogan on life: Life is hard, Live it strong!

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