San Antonio Finish Line

San Antonio Finish Line
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Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Self Realization

Hello Readers!

I have been asked several times what caused me to go on the weight loss journey. I have mentioned who inspires me, but beginning a weight loss journey all begins with self realization. The next few comments are things only select people know, but in order to truly inspire others everyone should hear the story. Three distinct moments led to my self realization that my life needed to change: first, I went to an amusement park with my brother, and two best friends I had reached such a size the ride operator made me get off the ride in front of everyone. The embarrassment in that moment cannot be imagined. Secondly, my brother and I were skiing in Aspen which is one of my favorite places in Colorado, I could not ski one full run without being winded and having to take a break. Those who know me realize that this crushed me as skiing is one of my favorite activities. Again the embarrassment was unimaginable. Lastly, one night I was laying on my couch and suddenly had issues breathing, my chest hurt I have never been as scared as in that moment, I felt like I had a heart attack. Luckily it was just a panic attack. These three life altering moments are what started this journey. I tell people this in the hopes they will look at their lives and come to a realization without having to experience the embarrassment and fear I was forced to experience.

On a lighter note hear self realization is something that should never end for any of us. This last weekend I was at a club in Columbia with several friends and my girlfriend Dana. Those of you reading this know I like to dance, back in college I was a dancing fool. If you have seen me dance you realize I look like the gopher in Caddyshack! It is funny but has no rhythm. Picture someone not moving their feet and just shaking their butt and arms, this is me. This night I was a dancing fool as well, working my gopher move to the extreme. The self realization moment came when people were trying to critique my moves on the dance floor. This has inspired me to now take Zumba class. For those not familiar with Zumba, it is a dancing class offered at your local gyms. Basically it is a workout that teaches you to dance. I will say I felt like a fool when I attended, I hang out in the corner by myself so as few people see me as possible, but this will improve my skills on the dance floor for future more enjoyable experiences. To all you men out there who think you have rhythm and probably don't you might consider this class. For all you women who do have rhythm I still recommend the class as you burn a ton of calories and lets face it we all could use to brush up on our moves.

The last bit of self realization for me today is that I cannot go a week without going to my classes at the YMCA. Last week I was not able to attend do to work conflict, my exercise was limited to walking my dog Coco in the mornings, this did not make me my same happy go luck self last week. I found myself slightly snippy with people, I am sorry for this. Exercise makes me happy, I was once told that sunshine and exercise release something in your body which makes you happy, well I fully believe this now as this week getting back and hitting the gym again has brought back my normal cheerful attitude.

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  1. zumba?!
    i totally heart zumba.
    my favorite zumba studio just moved to 119th ... it's called amore dance :
    11800 Quivira Rd
    Overland Park KS 66213

    where do you zumba? the y?