San Antonio Finish Line

San Antonio Finish Line
Jeremy, Jen and I rocked it!

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Fraternity Centennial Celebration

Monday, June 21, 2010

Intensity is picking up in Summer Months

Hello Readers!

A couple weeks back I mentioned that I have decided to run my first marathon. I wanted to fill everyone in on some of the intense training I have begun. The real intensity will pick up in September and October as the runs will begin hitting the upper teens and then twenty mile marks, but I have started my own intense conditioning in preparation for this. Here is a look at the intene week put in last week.

Monday - 4 mile run followed by boot camp
Tuesday - 4 mile walk with Coco my dog and 4 mile walk with my friend Amie.
Wednesday - 4.5 mile run followed by spin class
Thursday - Off day I needed some rest
Friday - 1500 meter swim, and spin class in the morning.
Saturday - 4 mile walk with my friend Amie, 3 mile walk with Coco
Sunday - 5 mile walk with Coco, 3 mile run, Softball, 3 mile walk with Amie.

The time and mileage is starting to build, I am now getting prepared to make Saturday my long run day which will begin this week with a 7 mile jaunt and increase steadily. People probably look at this and think I am an idiot! There are times I feel this way too, but I refuse to let myself fail in my goals.

Right now I am in a full out cardio build phase, the results are showing as my pants are once again loose. I am having to keep my belt tightened to keep some of my shorts on which is an excellent feeling. As the weather gets hotter and the miles get longer I expect to see a great improvement in my conditioning and the continual improvement of the overall appearance of my body. Single women who follow this watch out! I am gaining more and more confidence each day. I am following my slogan of "Life is short, Live it Hard". My attitude on life is get the most out of everyday and I make sure that this is fulfilled. On a personal note I am very excited to say the next time the blog is published I will have completed my Masters Program at BU. This is my final this week and my final paper, the past two years have been busy and difficult, but I have learned a great deal and look forward to applying this in life!

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  1. Hey buddy,

    Thought I would check out your blog before heading out tonight. After reading I feel a bit guilty, as this weekend is going to be messy! However, there will be others to share in the enabling of your "vices", so I can't shoulder too much of the responsibility. Plus, you did buy the keg...
    Keep up the great effort you put in to the blog and your goals, it has been amazing to watch you achieve your goals!